B2B: Where would I focus my tactical attention in 2011?

October 04, 2010
  1. Clutter-busting. Look at your website with an outside eye. Have you slowly cluttered up the main landing pages such that they are no longer easy to understand and follow? Ongoing edits can slowly change the nature of your messaging and derail your original marketing strategy and calls to action. Take that hard look or ask someone from the outside to do it for you.
  2. Remarketing. "Remarketing is activity intended to encourage renewed use of a product in which market interest has declined." Customers that have been dormant for the past 18 months because of budget restrictions will be coming back to life.  Take a hard look at past customers and see what they were interested in, assess if you have new and related products to offer them. Take a look at "cold" prospects and do the same assessment. Market your new solutions to them.
  3. Transactional E-mails. Ask for business in your e-mails. Try some very direct calls to action and let them order via those e-mail links.
  4. Search Engine Optimize. Link building has come back in style but not the link farms of old; focus on link building from relevant sites and relevant registries, to interesting industry articles.
  5. Integrate.  Pull it all together. If you are blogging, make sure it is integrated into your website. If you are using other social media tools (LinkedIn, Twitter, insert latest here), integrate into your website. Make sure the information you are generating is consistent in brand voice and message.
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