#INBOUND19: CMO of HubSpot Kipp Bodnar & SparkToro's Rand Fishkin

September 04, 2019

Couldn't make it to HubSpot INBOUND 2019? Let us share some takeaways!


Session: Marketing Then & Now: A Fireside Chat with SparkToro's Founder Rand Fishkin and HubSpot's CMO Kipp Bodnar


Top takeaways:

    1. Privacy laws and steps that browsers are taking are soon going to make multichannel funnels more difficult to track. Correlation vs causation reporting shifts are going to be a lot of what is happening in 6-12 months. Brand search lift, etc is going to have to start being important vs direct attribution.
    2. Consolidation of Distribution is a tricky thing these days. Google & Facebook own everything. Specialists are kinda becoming necessary to keep up. With so much inventory consolidated into these companies, working with or becoming specialists is going to be key to success there. Also looking at other opportunities for targeting like Podcasts and OTT (Hulu, etc.) should be a constant for marketers.
    3. Data is destroying the ability to differentiate since we’re so driven to do “what will work". We are driven to a society of sameness. We reduce risk of failure but you can’t see long term potential and wins when we're only keeping the eye on short-term gains.
    4. Storytelling and differentiation are important — so finding a way to balance short term data-driven goals with long-term brand building goals (that you need to find metrics to support to operational type folks)
    5. Differentiation builds durable brands.
    6. Content Strategy – think beyond your prospect. You need to create content for people will amplify it to create the search engine signals that will help with organic ranking. Think about data journalism. Interactive elements. The experience of it is important for the CLICK beyond just the structured snippet.
    7. Focus on Depth and Quality of information. The democratization of information on the internet has led to a lot of content, but not good content. Differentiate by creating content that actually answers the consumer's question and is valuable to them. Revisit previously created content and add more meat to it as a starting point.
Want to discuss in more detail? Reach out. We're happy to coffee and chat. 

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