A Guide to Blogging for Senior Living Communities

August 02, 2019

You have an incredible community, tenants that rave about you, and people inquiring. You want to keep this momentum going. So, what additional value can you add to your community? A blog can be a great place to start and can serve as a Q&A for prospective residents, provide instructions on best practices for the transition, and even offer up suggestions and tips from specialists in the senior living field.

A blog can also showcase your events and community atmosphere. If you host packed nights of Bingo, and movie nights with popcorn, it’s always wonderful to allow families and prospective residents to take a peek inside of the building. Do you have a news section on your website? This can oftentimes also serve as your dedicated update and resource location.

Maybe you offer some tips on affordability, and/or levels of care. These resources can be extremely important for some families as they research and look for a senior living facility. Regularly posting new, valuable content will also help with your SEO strategy. Check out our blog here on How To Improve SEO For Your Assisted Living Community 

If you are just getting started, or you have an existing blog, there are a few things you may want to consider prior to drafting your next blog.

The Best Blog Topics for Your Senior Living Community

You may have a few moments of writer’s block, but the best way to combat this is to pay close attention to the questions that your families are asking. When a family (or daughter) of an aging parent calls in to schedule a tour – what’s the process like for them? Do they find it easy to navigate through your website? Can they find you on Google Maps? If yes, then you can be sure to include these helpful links on a “Plan Your Tour” blog post. What about once they prepare to come for a tour? Do you have a checklist for questions to help guide them in their search? If you don’t have this, you may want to see our senior living checklist here that you can customize and make your own.

When those families arrive, what questions do they ask? What are some of their concerns? This is possibly something that you could address in a blog post.

Once a senior living member joins your community – what type of follow-up do you have with them to ensure that they are pleased and comfortable in their new home? If you have someone that stops by after a certain time, what do they say? Do they say the reasons why they chose your community? Maybe it was the accessibility to a major city, the menu, proximity to family and friends, or maybe even the levels of care. Whichever reason, these are all great sources of feedback to help answer questions online. Delivering well-designed, relevant, and personalized messages to your audience allow you to educate, build loyalty, and create a space where families and prospective residents alike can engage with your brand.

How Often Should I Post on My Senior Living Community’s Blog?

You may be wondering how often to post. While some blogs receive daily, weekly, and even hourly updates, most only update at the frequency in which you have something new to promote. This may be an enrollment offer or a newly added feature to your facility.

Posting should be based on a specific timeline. While it’s important to have relevant content online, it is more important for the content to serve a specific purpose. Is it helping to field some of the questions, or engage your audience with a better understanding of who you are? How many people are viewing and consuming your materials?

Let’s say you have quite a lot of content on your blog, but looking at the analytics, you see that they are not being read. Maybe you could take a second look at them and revise the content or even update the materials to be relevant. If you have any questions about your online analytics and would like an assessment, we would be happy to help you.


What Makes You A Unique Senior Living Community?

Yes, we really did ask that. What sets your community apart from your competition? What activities do you offer for your residents? Do you have a beauty parlor, where ladies are able to get their hair set and nails painted? Do you offer an exercise room with instructors that teach on a weekly schedule? This is something that you can share about it in a post. Do you have weekly transportation that takes your senior living residents to appointments or shopping centers? If so, these details may just be the tipping point for families looking to make a transition for their loved one.

A blog can be a vital resource where you end up educating and informing the senior living community from locations near and far. 

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